January CLOUDcolorado Happenings

Sales Development Reps (SDR's) now have a group to learn and share ideas; We have a new Sponsor, and we'll be announcing our 2022 webinar series in the next few weeks.

Sales Development Rep SDR Mastermind starts next week!

Starting this next Wednesday, January 19, 2022 @ 4:30pm Mountain time, we'll have our first circle of SDR's gather to learn, share and get ideas from one another. It'll be non-competitive, and (hopefully), a whole lot of fun via Zoom.

Want to join? Apply now at: https://www.cloudcolorado.org/mastermindsdr

Our newest sponsor: Icademy!

We're elated to welcome our newest sponsor, Icademy - they're just getting off the ground and looking for first time entrepreneurs who want to make an impact in Climate Tech. They have a truly unique approach that is non-time bound, provides strong mentorship support and has an innovative equity pool where everybody wins!

They're making their formal launch next week, and are already looking for people to join their pilot program.

Keep an eye out for 2022 programming!

Just like EVERYONE ELSE I KNOW, we're quite behind in our programming for 2022. Our goal is to have 6-8 open events that cover topics of sales, marketing, operations, culture, remote working and others. If there's a topic you'd like us to have with a panel of Colorado's finest, please let me know!